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Gricol Bathroom Shower Corner Shelf

This is a great way to organize anddust your bathroom! It's adhesive nature makes it easy to stick to anything and ever so satisfying to have a perfect space to focus on. The gricol caddy makes it easy to track your purchases.

Gricol Bathroom Shower Corner Shelf Amazon

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Gricol Bathroom Shower Corner Shelf Walmart

This black - gricol adhesive corner shelf bathroom shower caddy basket for kitchen is a great addition to any kitchen. It is large enough to store a lot of small items, and it is also sturdy enough to keep your shower right at the top of the pile. This is a great bathroom shower caddy with hooks and 2 pack of shampoo holders. It's made of plastic and measures 10" wide x 6" deep x 2" high. It's also covered in bright green shower curtain fabric. The shelf has a smooth surface to avoid whether or not your shower is cold and can cause scratches. And finally, it arrives in a nice, big box. It's made of elasticized fabric and has a small hole for the key ring. The black is a good color for any room in your home, and this caddy is also easy to clean. It's made from adhesive suction cup system and contains a number of shears and tools, as well as a basket for storing objects.